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Ben and Beth Join BNI

Oh hello, would you like to hear a story?

This is the tale of “Ben and Beth Join BNI”. Are you sitting comfortably?

Ben and Beth were both very busy businesspeople, but they heard that BNI was a brilliant way of getting even more business, so they both joined their local BNI chapter. They met lots of other businesspeople who all wanted to learn more about them and about their businesses. They both felt very welcome

Ben and Beth went on free training to help make their businesses better. They had one-to-ones with other members to learn more about each other, and they even brought a visitor each to a meeting, which made them both feel great.

Ben and Beth were very excited to be a part of BNI. After a few months, Ben and Beth had both received some business referrals from BNI, but they hadn’t received that many. Ben and Beth were a little disappointed. They spoke with their mentors who suggested some training sessions to help with getting more business referrals.

Beth booked on free training and learned how to train her fellow members on what to look out for so they could spot new opportunities for her. Beth also learned about the law of reciprocity (that is a big word, thought Beth, can you say “reciprocity”) – it helped to forge new referral partnerships with other members. Ben, however, didn’t book on more training, as Ben was far too busy.

Their mentors also suggested they had one-to-ones with other members, even members with whom they’d already had a one-to-one. Beth thought this was a brilliant idea and booked regular one-to-ones with other members. Speaking with members on a regular basis helped Beth forge even stronger referral partnerships. Ben didn’t book any extra one-to-ones, as Ben was far too busy.

Their mentors also suggested they get to BNI early and spend more time networking with other members and talking with visitors. Beth loved this idea – she arrived at BNI by 6:15 am for every meeting and was always there to greet members and visitors as they arrived, but ben didn’t get to BNI a minute before 6:45 am, as ben was far too busy.

Beth took the advice from her mentor and she’s regularly passing business to other members, helping them and increasing her profile. She regularly invites visitors and she has even introduced a new member. Ben didn’t follow the advice from his mentor as Ben was far too busy.

When it came time to renew their membership, Beth didn’t need to think twice. She had made lots of business contacts, grown her business and made some great new friends. Beth applied to renew her membership and was quickly approved by her BNI chapter.

Ben wasn’t so sure about BNI but decided he would renew for another 12 months hoping that BNI would magically start working for him the way it had done for Beth, but Ben was not an engaged member. He’d hardly done any training or one-to-ones, he hadn’t brought any visitors, he’d given no testimonials and he’d only passed a few internal referrals. Ben’s BNI chapter did not want to renew Ben. Ben left BNI and was never seen again.

So, where are they now? Beth has been in BNI for many years. She’s accepted roles on the leadership team, she’s built up solid referral partnerships and she’s made BNI an important part of her business.

Ben, however, is no longer in BNI, which is a real shame for Ben, because Ben is also no longer far too busy.

The End

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